Amplify: 1 - 9 June 2017


Sayed Ahmed

‘Development of best practice guidelines for footwear referral and prescription for people with diabetes’

Research summary:

Diabetes-related foot injuries are one of the main precursors to lower limb amputation around the world. Sayed's research looks to reduce the risk of foot complexities in the diabetic population, encouraging adherence to a prescribed footwear that would reduce feet issues amongst diabetics. Sayed claims his research could  improve clinical outcomes for millions of diabetic patients around the world, as well as save billions of dollars in healthcare costs.


Sayed’s experience includes over a decade in footwear and foot care. With a degree in footwear engineering & technology, as well as experience working with multinational footwear manufacturing, distributing & retailing organizations, Sayed recognised the need for shifting priorities on how footwear can add more value to public health and wellbeing. He has since explored orthopaedic and medical grade footwear practices, which has led him to complete his certification and training in Pedorthics as C Ped CM (Australia). Sayed is also doing his doctoral research at the School of Health and Human Science, Southern Cross University, Australia where a recommendation on best clinical practice guideline on diabetic foot ulcer management and prevention through appropriate footwear is the core focus of his PhD study.

Sayed is also the founder of specialised diabetic foot care company, 'Foot Balance Technology' operating from Sydney, Australia. He is also actively involved in academic lecturing and public speaking in his professional domains, both nationally and internationally.