Amplify: 1 - 9 June 2017


Peter Yoo

'How MRI can become your Brain-Coach'

Research summary:

BCI technology has the potential to restore mobility to paralysed individuals, via controlling machines such as robotic arms by thought. BCI technology is still in its infant stages, but is receiving huge funding by individuals such as Elon Musk and Bryan Johnson. One issue that BCI technology faces currently, is its cost-to-benefit ratio, due to the dynamic learning nature of the human brain (neuroplasticity), as well as a patient's ability to use the technology properly. Peter's research looks to implement a comprehensive tool that will create a risk-to-benefit ratio for BCIs, using MRIs to image human brain function and better understand neuroplasticity. This will help to determine the suitability of BCI for a particular individual, and where and how BCI can be most effectively used.  By helping to remove the cost-benefit blockade in BCI research,  Peter hopes to bring this fascinating field closer to its next phase.


Peter is a 25-year old PhD Candidate from the National Imaging Facility and the Vascular Bionics Group, The University of Melbourne. He is creating a comprehensive pre-surgical diagnostic tool for invasive Brain-Computer Interface treatments, using 7T functional magnetic resonance imaging.

Peter was born in South Korea, raised in New Zealand and loves the All Blacks. He studied his Bachelor’s degrees in Science and Music at the University of Otago and University of California Santa Barbara, and Bachelor of Science Honours at the University of Auckland.