Amplify: 1 - 9 June 2017


Noushin Nasiri

‘Just a puff of breath - identifying and preventing disease with breath analysis’

Research summary: 

Noushin's research looks at breath analysis to identify disease. She has focused on developing a fingertip-sized sensor, made up of billions of nanoparticles, to form a diagnostic, breathaliser device that would be available to medical professionals, which additionally, could be installed in smartphones and linked to an app that would allow users to check their health everyday via a simple puff of breath.


Noushin Nasiri is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), the ARC Research Hub for Integrated Device for End-user Analysis at Low-levels (IDEAL) and the Initiative for Biomedical Materials & Devices (IBMD). She received her Masters of Engineering in Materials Engineering from the University of Tehran in Iran, then pursued further research at the Nanotechnology Research Laboratory of the Australian National University (ANU), where she received her PhD in Nanotechnology in 2017. Noushin's research has been recognised with more than 20 peer-reviewed journal articles, and also several awards including the People’s Choice Award for the ANU Grand Final 3MT, and the Runner-up Award in the Famelab Australia Grand Final.