Amplify: 1 - 9 June 2017


Amy Moss

‘Enhancing chicken-meat production via clever feeding strategies’

Research summary:

With the world population set to reach 9 billion by 2050, Amy says food production needs to increase by 70% to reach this demand. Her research focuses on improving the efficiency of chicken-meat production through her smart, statistical design, which will help alleviate looming global food shortage, and meet global needs for animal protein. Amy claims her research will benefit all, from huge corporations to tiny villages.


From the time she was a young child, Amy Moss has had a love of science, nature and birds- to which she owes gratitude to her patient mother and father, who not only inspired this interest, but turned a blind eye to the feathered friends on the couch and at the dinner table. Amy followed her passion for science and all things avian in the completion of her Animal and Veterinary Bioscience Bachelor’s degree in 2015 at The University of Sydney. With encouragement from Drs Peter Selle and Sonia Liu, and from her caring partner Jesse, Amy started a PhD in Poultry Nutrition in early 2016, earning herself the title of ‘crazy bird lady’ among family and friends. Concerned but driven by the encroaching global need for efficient, sustainable food, Amy’s thesis focuses on improving the efficiency of chicken-meat production through the use of superior poultry diets and feeding strategies. Throughout the production of her thesis, Amy strives to employ statistical designs novel to her field and to continue to build her kn...